Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 1

In addition to quitting Facebook for 60 days, I am also doing a 60 day juice fast.  I saw the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and it made an impression on me, but more than that, I feel weighed down and I want more for me.  More energy, more clothing options, more open interactions with others because they aren't making a judgement about who I am based on my size and more opportunity.  

Wait.  Opportunity?  Yes.  Nobody says it, but the truth of the matter is, people who are more physically fit have more opportunity.  For activities, for love, for career advancement.  It's hard to resist someone who is charming, talented and drop dead gorgeous.  I want irresistability for myself.  I've gotten this far on eagerness and talent.  What happens when I am the TOTAL package?  What happens when I have no more excuses standing in between me and what I want out of life?  Can I let go of my excuses?  They're such old friends.

So today hasn't been too awful.  My hands are used to being busy, thumbing over keys on a keyboard or on my smart phone to string together words to share.  I find myself reaching for my phone to check for messages or to check Facebook then remembering there is nothing to check.  Last night at 8pm my cousin locked me out of my accounts and I got text messages from people asking me NOT to leave Facebook and telling me I'd be back.  Really?  Is one website so important?  I've found myself with more time today and I've filled it with things I need to get done.  I wrote a to-do list, a priority list and a goal list.  I need to pick up a little notebook like my cousin Melinda and write my things to do in it and keep it on me, making it a point to cross things off regularly.

I cooked my child dinner and managed to not sneak any bites.  :)  Interestingly, the chicken I took out is enough for 4 meals for her when properly portioned.  We got her a plate that show portion sizes so she can grow up understanding that food is fuel and knowing just how much she really needs.  She had a half a plate of raw veggies and an orange and a nice piece of skinless broiled chicken breast and happily ate it all.  

So, day 1 wasn't so bad.  I just talked to my friend Chris and he is officially starting juicing today too, he is also on the 60 day reboot.  My friend Sandy is going to do it as well.  It is a good thing, I think.  I see the doctor in the morning to get my test results from the lab work I had done two weeks ago and I will also be scheduling regular visits so that she can monitor me on this fast and make sure I'm getting what I need.  I'll be taking vitamins and making sure I get lots of dark green leafy veggie juice so I get enough iron.  Right now, this is a good thing and today was not too hard.


  1. The website is not that important, the interaction is. :) As society changes and relationships become more digitized and impersonal it will be important for us to maintain authenticity. I love what you're doing for YOU. We were not taught to take very good care of ourselves, I so appreciate you abandoning that upbringing!!!! I love you!!! Keep going!

  2. oh girl, I can abandon with the best of them! Love you. And, seriously, we've talked on the phone every day.