Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 12: Disconnect

Today I needed information on WHERE tickets for an upcoming concert are on sale and the only place in the universe the band seems to have it posted is on their stupid Facebook page.  How lame is that?  It's not even on their Reverb page.  Frustrating to say the lease, since I can't get on Facebook and the show is THIS weekend.

*deep breaths*

Some of my friends haven't picked up on the face that I'm not on Facebook and are shocked when I am clueless about their lives today.  I can see why Facebook really annoys people who aren't on Facebook.  There is this vacuum that Facebook users allow their lives to fall into where they don't share information about their lives with non-Facebooking friends because they've already shared it ALL on their wall and don't feel like repeating themselves.  

When people are important to you, you make sure to share your life with them.  Not because it's convenient, but because they are important.  I wonder how guilty I am of doing this to others in my life?   Have I been excluding people because it's inconvenient to repeat myself?  Have I alienated my less tech savvy friends and family?  Definitely something to consider as I move forward once this exercise is over.  I don't want my important people overlooked when I have something to share.

We had friend over for dinner tonight, they brought their own pizza and I was not tempted at all.  I am not absolutely confident that I can do the full sixty days.  I may even incorporate the juice plan into my lifestyle after I am done with this sixty days.  Juice during the week, allow myself to have reasonable meals on the weekend.  I sometimes wonder what my first post juice meal will be.  

It's a very busy week.  Work and appointments/meetings every day this week.  The good news is I have plenty of energy to do it all.  And I've already learned one scene of the play!  This disconnect is really a reconnection to myself.

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