Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 13: It's Everywhere!

No matter how I try to avoid it, it's inescapable.  This morning at the end of the show my morning partner/boss spent about 10 minutes trying to get an app we talked about on air to work on his Facebook page.  The app didn't function properly and he kept trying over and over, past the point of potential success.

Later in a meeting the guy next to me leaned over with his phone to show me something funny and ironic that was happening on his Facebook wall where one woman posted a slip and fall type of icon meme and another woman, who didn't even know the first wrote, "I've fallen and I can't get up!"  Ironic, silly and a fun little bit of synchronicity but a complete waste of time.

And that pretty much sums up a lot of what I use Facebook for.  The inside jokes of life play out on the Facebook wall in a never ending stream of giggles.  Facebook is the stand up comedy of inside jokes.  How would Shakespeare have broken this digital wall?  Will it unite in the same way Berlin's wall divided?  This wall tells news of love, frustration, loss, hopelessness and every minutia of life in a constant scroll.  Another reminder that life and death are playing out all around us.

If my fascination with people, especially those who are my friends, wasn't so keen this wall would not be such a gathering place for me.  I would not sit and read the news written on it, sharing the births and deaths, the successes and failures and even sometimes the stupidity of those for whom I care.  This wall would hold no power if I didn't care.

So, I stay separated from everyone from now, but those who know me best chime in via phone or show up in person and that works fine for me.  I'm setting better boundaries for myself.  And, all this focus is yielding results,  I've lost 11 pounds!

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  1. Grats on the weight loss and continuing with your goals. Setting some my own but haven't went as far to buy a scale lol. Love hearing you in the morning. Terri