Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 14: Winning!

I feel good.  Like a James Brown song kind of hum inside of me.  I've got a ton of energy and I'm getting important things done.  I'm coming back to my center and focusing on important things.  Can I keep it up?  Today I was wondering about that.  Gatherings with friends, Laurel's Birthday, Spring Equinox....all such tempting occasions.  And chocolate calls to me at times.  Thank goodness for the salads and soup, when I can make some.  You know you CANNOT find soup that has a decent level of sodium in a can.  Even the "low sodium" soups have over 500mg per serving.  Ridiculous.  One can is half of what you should have in a day!  I did find some soup mixes that you make at home that had 10mg per serving, impressive.  Organic and spendy, of course, but obviously I can't put a price tag on the health of my heart.  

I'm gearing up for good things to come.  I had some financial goals to meet that are 3/4 of the way met, which is a huge relief.  I'm about half way into my promo packet.  I've done most of the doctor appointments I needed to handle...the routine maintenance of being a human being at the halfway point of life.  One more tomorrow and then the grown up rite of passage in our family next week:  a colonoscopy.  My Aunt Kathy died from colon cancer, so the health of my colon is vitally important and as much as I am dreading this procedure, I know it's important to face and deal with.

What have you been putting off?  Why?  Are you sucked into a box of lights?  Imagine what's happening to human beings, we get sucked into boxes of moving words and pictures and become sedentary.  We get lost and forget to move.  It is unnatural.  We are meant to move.  We have the capacity for locomotion for a purpose.  We are supposed to be upright, striding forward, erect with head high and eyes looking at the horizon for our next adventure.  We aren't meant to be sitting slouched, slumped, slovenly spreading sideways scanning sentiments spellbound.  Life is action.  Develop or decay.  You must move or you will rot away.

Decay is for the dead.  I've got a few more miles to go before I'm ready to rot away.  And those who don't take the time for development are just zombies, walking through life with fetid flesh and minds anesthetized by all of these digital distractions the corporations design so the mentally lazy won't take a look around at the world and see how messed up we have allowed it to become.

Stay busy doing nothing.  Stay plugged in.  Stay distracted by "entertainment" that panders to the lowest common denominator which gets lower progressively.  The corporations don't want you to know they have BOUGHT your government and are making policy changes that benefit them and bankrupt our country.  Don't look at the man behind the curtain.

And while you're doing that I'll be paying attention and moving forward and sounding the alarm when I can.  Hopefully when I do you'll remember how to get out of the chair and find the door.


  1. THANK YOU! As a result of your encouragement I'm disengaged from my addictive FB preoccupations.// I'm taking a big jump into the future by reactivating my old business, cre8tive buzz.// I don't want to become the 75 yr. old woman who regrets her sedentary 50's and 60's so I've been hanging out at the YMCA. I love the snow followed by sweat, the pool, whirlpool, steamy sauna cold drinking water and high pressure showers.

    NOTE: Maybe you can skip the intense diuretic pre-colonoscopy... make sure your doc knows you've been on a lengthy liquid fast.

    Keep on sharing. You've been many things. You're a bookmark now.

  2. Lysa, thank you and I am so glad you're going for it. William Randolph Hearst was in his 60's when he started building his dream home and he built on it for decades before dying. We can do incredible things at all ages and stages of life! I'm hoping once these financial things are handled to join the Y as well and be there from 1:30-3:30 each day and back for yoga later in the evening. Maybe we will cross busy paths then!