Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 20: Spring Two Lips

First Day of Spring.  Equinox.  The promise through budding trees and tall crocus plants and tulips filling a planter in my yard as if ordered there by the queen of the fairies.  Of course she is managing my yard, why wouldn't she be?

I love spring.  I love the feeling of emerging from winter.  It seems more symbolic this year than I remember it being in years past.  Getting our from under my season of sadness, my winter hibernation and the feeling of bare limbs blown by a too cold wind.

I've lost loves and had a 20+ year friend die from cancer.  I've had a best friend move away just when we had found music to make together.  I've experienced disappointment in one of my housemates who always seems to be the victim of her own bad choices but never accountable for making the choices in the first place.  I am ready for the bitter fruits of winter to fall from the trees and make room for the sweet blooms of spring.

I want roses and lavender and lilacs and tulips and plum, pear and apple blossoms.  I want us to actually do the garden this year and build a dog run in the yard so the dogs can run free back.  I want to peel off the layers of clothes keeping me warm and the layers of sadness in the form of excess body fat clinging to my bones as if my survival depends upon them.  I want to find myself buried deep within myself, the fertile earth of me bringing forth beauty, nourishment, flavor and life.  I want to bask in sunshine and bathe in rain.

I am ready for spring, with two lips and sweet things to say.