Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 23: Ruff!

I have to keep reminding myself that discipline is a deliberate action.  It requires dedication and belief in something in order to motivate you to participate in the sacrifices you make to be disciplined.

So, here I am.  I don't feel that I have much to say.  My days are less full of silly things I've found on the internet.  There is less time spent in front of the computer and I'm definitely more productive overall.

Today I had to go for a colonoscopy.  Eventually, everyone should have one, typically at age 50.  I'm early because I had some medical issues and come from a family history of colon cancer so the doc thought we may as well knock this one out now.  As far as invasive procedures go, this was awesome.  They knock you out for it so one minute you're joking around with the doctor and the next thing you know they are waking you up and handing you some cranberry juice and beautiful color photos of your insides.  For me, all was well and they don't ant to see me again for another 10 years.  Whew.

My daughter asked if she will ever get cancer.  I told her I hope not and that I am trying to teach her how to be very good to her body so that we can reduce the risk of her getting cancer, heart disease, diabetes and a slew of other things that can stop a person in their tracks in life.  I wish I had grown up knowing what I now know about food.  It is so vitally important to have the right things going into your body in the right amounts.

I head to New Orleans in a few of days and plan to continue to juice while there but to allow myself a couple of nice dinners out with friends.  There is a Whole Foods there so I will be able to buy the Green Machine or Superfood drinks and not have to worry about not being able to juice my own veggies.  I feel like it will be a relatively easy process.  I won't be taking the computer with me, so likely I won't be blogging because you can't get the keyboard to pull up on my phone or the Kindle when trying to blog into this program.  

I will take lots of pictures.  I have a handful of friends who live there and I am delighted to be seeing them.  There is deep, soulful, beautifully rich love waiting to hold me close there and I look forward to sinking into every moment of it.  I had another friend who was supposed to come to town with a day or two of overlap but his trip was cancelled.  

I'm officially down 17 pounds as of today.  Obviously the water weight is off and the real pounds are coming off a little slower but I know that everything I'm putting into myself is healthy, organic food and that feels really good to me.

I may blog less, the simple act of living well doesn't always leave much time for sharing.  I'll try to leave a little space at the end of my days to share as much as I can.

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