Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 25: Joy!

18 pounds lighter and about to be even lighter still as I embark on a lovely little spring jaunt across the country to spend time in The City The Care Forgot, as she has been known since 1938 for her laissez faire culture.  You may also have heard of her called The Crescent City and The Big Easy.  The Big Easy was coined by musicians traveling to the city and finding it easy to get work making music and merry.

I am looking forward to sinking into a little sweet spot of love and relaxing for 6 days.  I'll learn my lines.  I'll go for long walks sightseeing.  I'll laugh too much.  I'll be delighted to see old and new friends.I won't be taking a computer.  Just me, my script and a suitcase.  Talk about a disconnect!  This will be the first vacation I will be taking that I don't Facebook immediately.  It's going to be odd not to take a million pictures and upload them so people can follow along as I travel. I'm so glad I have phone numbers for the people I want to see while I'm in the city.

This is going to be a delightful disconnect.  No work.  I am woman, not mommy.  I can do nothing or everything for those 6 days and either way is okay.  Bliss.

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