Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 3: Sherbet Juice and Texting!

Today I have been receiving lots of text messages from people.  Moving from one form of electronic communication to another.  I had a great conversation with my neighbor, who is a bagpipe player/guitar player and righteous front man for a Celtic rock band from Australia, about personally connecting with other human beings.  There is something so honest about having a conversation where we are eye to eye with another human being.  I think that is what I am craving from this experience and in order to facilitate that I may have to STOP TEXTING AND EMAILING.  For those far away, perfectly acceptable but for those right here within driving distance, no excuses.  I want face time.  Not as in the iPhone app!  In person communication, turning off all cell phones and computers and talking, laughing, interacting with each other!

I'm glad the people who have taken the time to communicate have done so.  It makes me feel less like I'm on an island.  It's interesting how much my interpersonal relationships have included food or meals.  I guess meals have been a social thing for me since I was small.  I didn't realize how much of the time I spend with other people involve food and drinks.  But it's so natural, we have to stop to eat and involving others in something that nourishes and delights the senses just adds another dimension of goodness to a great meal.  

I guess the disconnect is that once upon a time people actually had to do physical labor for food so celebrations incorporated a feast.  Now we don't have to actually grow and tend our food and we think every day is a celebration.  We feast at every meal because it is so simple to be so indulgent as a culture.  And look at the result in our culture.  We are all programmed for instant gratification.  Everything is available NOW so we must have it NOW and we will go into massive debt to have it.  This thing where we want instant access to each other in that same way is a symptom of a much bigger problem in our society.

I made the best juice this evening.  It tasted like melted sherbet and was all frothy and thick.  It was pineapple, mango, pear, ginger and beet and I made enough to have it for breakfast tomorrow.  I think it's my new favorite.  I went to the Relay for Life kickoff event today and they ordered pizza.  Pizza is a weakness of mine but honestly as I looked at it all I could see was grease, fat, bread and processed meat.  It was easy to be okay not eating it.  I had juice and salad and some steamed swiss chard with cracked pepper today.  I also had yesterday's leftover soup with fresh avocado chunks in it.  YUM!

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