Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 6: Lightning Processing

Oh yeah, THIS is what thinking for yourself feels like.  Remember?  Back when you could do math in your head?  When you had the phone number of every person that mattered committed to memory?  The brain is a powerful processor, it transmits data incredibly fast.  Every moment we are receiving input from the world around us the brain is a work processing the information.  A mathematics theory professor in college told me that the mind likes pictures, puzzles and patterns and is always seeking to take information in and process it, comparing it with known patterns.  

 So let's take that concept and relate it to yesterday's information.  In a hyperreal context, our minds are taking in information that may not be based in reality and creating a context to allow it to be real in our imaginations.  Pair that with the mind also seeking to compare information to known patterns and we've got very busy brains taking hyperreal data and comparing to real data.  

See any possibility for reality to become skewed?  I think gamers are a perfect example of this.  And so are people in online communities.  I am not a gamer, but I've known plenty of otherwise datable men who are.  Their minds are hooked on the hyperreal world.  The stimuli in the game causes a rush of endorphins, creates invisible friendships with other gamers along the way and provides a social outlet  Sometimes this can cause gamers to unplug from reality and plug in to the game world.  I think in some ways I have done something very similar for myself with Facebook.

I want my brain to create authentic associations.  This means real connections with others.  More letters, fewer text messages.  Using the telephone to have an actual conversation where tone and nuance are more easily deciphered instead of using text messages and emails which can seem less personal and leave discerning intent to the imagination with less available information.  Also, people are often much braver on a computer than they will be face to face.  This can be good and bad.  Braver can mean they can say important things that they otherwise may be too shy to convey.  it can also mean they may say things that are much more cruel than they would have the courage to say to another person when they have to look them in the eye.  This computer between us can serve to make me less accountable for how these words impact you.  

It is impersonal.  I want personal.  Intimate.  Close.  I want contact.  Confidentiality.  I want a deeper level of sharing.  Is it possible to be intimate in sharing with over 600 people at a time?  Can I actually convey my thoughts in a way where all of those people can absorb what I am saying?  Who the hell am I to think that what I have to say is important to anyone beyond myself?  Is something still intimate if it is shared?  Is sharing intimacies a type of art or are we all just narcissists sitting side by side talking to one another in the mirror in between longing gazes at our own reflections?  Does the mirror image become the more real version of either of us?

I have no answers, but I have a lot of questions.  And I have to learn the part of Muriel Grecco of the Bronx for The King of City Island and perfect my Bronx accent so I am going to leave you with the questions and let them run in the background of my mind until a later time.  Maybe my lightning processing will crack the code while I am busy doing something more tangible and meaningful.

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