Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 7: h2 ohhhhh!

I feel waterlogged!  On many levels.  I miss a few people that I enjoyed watching from afar on Facebook.  I have absolutely NO way to get on the site and it's a bit maddening.  We are interviewing potential roommates and I can't just go do a Facebook check to see how they live.  I have to ask questions, do screening and let my instincts go to work.  Its a good exercise.  It made me mindful of the kind of information that exists in the digital world about any of us and how accessible it is.  I really should have gone into business with my father, I am a good investigator.

I remember being a teenager and my cousins always doing a drive by on their exboyfriends' houses whenever they were in the neighborhood. At the time I never knew what they were looking for in those trips.  Having to research a potential roommate is kind of like that old school crazy girl stalking my cousins used to do.  

Today I have officially been juicing for one week.  Almost as if to celebrate, a flurry of emails came my way and a phone call from my cousin, whom I miss and adore.  I got some good news, that I will be going to the Childrens Miracle Network Celebration this fall just before our annual Radiothon.  I wanted to Facebook about it and had a frustrating little moment when I couldn't.  I wrote this morning and wanted to Facebook the post on my poetry blog so friends could read the new piece and I could not do that either.  

I am delighted that two of my favorite women have decided to make changes to how they eat after seeing me commit to something like a 60 day fast.  Today was the first day in a long time I felt like myself.  Hopeful energy coursed through me and I got a lot accomplished during the day.  I know my body is moving more and easier and it feels good.  I feel my sadness sloughing off each day.  Having more time to myself and to my responsibilities and goals has allowed me to reconnect to the power that fuels me.  I felt like I really got some good things done.  I have more time and I have less grief.  I still find myself getting a little lost in ideas but I am anchoring in familiar places with people who know how to ground me and focus my lasers.  I exhaled.

I have consumed so much water today I think I'll be swimming in dreams tonight.  And I made the most delicious soup and juice today.  The soup is a spicy cajun veggie and was so tasty and filling.  The juice was made from beets, grapefruit, lemon, ginger, oranges and green apples.  It was like a glass of dessert.  And the sun was shining!  Blue skies and no clouds at all.  It feels like it's been so long since I've seen sunlight.  Growing up a sunny California kid spoiled me into thinking it's summer all year long.

Today I feel good.  And I was good to myself.  I hope you were too.


  1. CMN is an awesome organization and I went on air with Don a four years ago for my grandbaby who was born 1 pound 2 ounces. She is an amazing little girl and I love listening to all the great stories of these incredible kids.

    I admit I miss you on Facebook but really enjoy reading this blog. Never read blogs before. I prefer the phone or text. I used to be very proud of the fact that all my friends on Facebook I actually knew in real life but over time I did build friendships with people I wouldn't normally meet as a result. I think both have merit. My two cents for the day, Terri

  2. I think both have merit as well Terri BUT when you only interact with the ones you don't see, you have to check yourself. I was insulating and isolating. It wasn't good for me. Now I know it was depression but it really took me doing something extreme, like this, to force me to have to talk to my people and reconnect to myself instead of just hiding away in my sadness.

    I want you to make sure you come talk with Don & I at the Radiothon this year. Your granddaughter's story is important and it makes a difference for people to hear from real people in our community who have been impacted by CMN's support for the NICU at RVMC.