Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 2: Wait, Soup and Salad on a Juice Fast?

Yes.  Soup and salad.  But raw salad, raw ingredients, no salad dressing or cheese or processed chunks of ham that people throw on salads and fool themselves into thinking they are doing something healthy.  I had a salad at lunch with lemon and cracked pepper.  It was so good.  This is how I know I'm really hungry.  

Tonight I thought I'd get clever and make a V-8 style drink for dinner.  Unfortunately I added 2 Serrano   peppers and it was a bit of a fail.  Too spicy!  I remembered that I could have soup and into a pot the juice and the slush that's created in the dump end of the juicer went along with the juice of one lime.  Cooked down a bit and warm it feels so incredibly hardy in my belly.  I told my cousin recently that I need to learn to enjoy the feeling of empty as much as I enjoy the feeling of full, but this is a good full.

So today I went back to the doctor to get lab results from when I was in two weeks ago.  After that visit I started stepping down on calories and incorporating juice as one meal a day and then two.  Apparently this approach paid off because I am 5 pounds lighter than I was that day.  I get that a lot of this is water weight.  It's okay, eventually it will be other weight as well.  I have great patience when the reward is worth the wait and this healthier life for me is definitely worth it.  The doctor, by the way, is fully on board with the juice fast and championing me to make these kinds of changes willingly before I am forced to make them.

On paper, I am always really healthy.  I think some people see my size and can't believe I eat good foods.  I do, I just have some medical conditions that work against me that I'd rather not make part of this discussion.  Just remember, not every overweight person you see is a lazy fast food junkie.    My cholesterol was under 150 with my triglycerides slightly elevated, my LDL's under 75 (that's the bad stuff and that's very good) and my HDH level (good cholesterol) a little on the low side.  This fast and getting back outside when it warms up will definitely change the triglycerides and I'm hoping to incorporate more of the good stuff too.  All of my other labs were great.  Thyroid is fine, insulin fine, hormone linked to congestive heart failure (a family thing) is fine.  All of this made me happy.

So today had a maddening moment when we went to the movies to see the Lorax and I wanted soooooo badly to Facebook about it to the Mankind vs. Monsanto group I belong to on Facebook.  The smell of popcorn was a bit maddening as well.  it is a sweet movie and the lesson, in the way of Dr. Seuss, was a great one.  Today is the anniversary of his birth, it is fitting that we saw the movie today.

I do still find myself checking my phone.  I have a bit of a phone habit.  Now that I can't get Facebook on it I am checking news sites.  I'm working on setting it down more.  When we went to the movie, I left it home completely.



  1. Hi Niki I know it's only day 2. but keep up the good work :)

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    Have a wonderful day :)