Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 36: The Busiest Slacker

This is going to be short and sweet.

1.  New Orleans was lovely.  And I had a lot of really important aha moments while there.  My friends there love me with such sweetness that it became impossible to accept the things other people call love in any form not equally sweet.  I made some tough decisions about a love of mine who had been a very important part of my life.  Sometimes when the cancer is deadly you have to cut off your favorite parts to eradicate it.  That's what I learned in New Orleans.  That, and that John & Angie are rockstars and I love them.  Gustavo is just as humble, wise and kind in person as he is in digital form.  Dominic is a mess, in all the right ways and Mikey's New York was great practice, and he even warmed up by the 3rd time he saw me.  :)  And Joe is always Joe, a soft love spot to land with such sweet acceptance and the ability to see right through me in the most familiar way.  Megan is a love, but exhausting!  She's like ZUMBA in human form.  And Angelina is a burst of energy, but sometimes bursts need a lasso and a tie down so they don't hurt what is around them.  And I love gumbo.  I mean, LOVE.

2.  Even though I did NOLA, I stuck to my guns on food.  I bought some green drink and fresh fruits and veggies at Whole foods when I got there and allowed myself 2 meals OUT in NOLA.  I did drink, but ONLY bloody mary's so i could count them as juices with rotten potato juice in them.  ;)  Now it's back home and into regular life and I'm still juicing but also making soups from my veggies and enjoying raw fruits and veggies too.  I may stop putting a timeline on this part of life and just make it life.  I'm also allowing myself Easter dinner.

3.  Holy shit I'm busy.  Work.  Parenting.  And prepping for the play I'm doing next month don't leave much down time.  This evening is the first night I've had any free time since I got home Monday night.  I won't be writing everyday.  I am aching to post some pics from New Orleans....I went on a solo journey to the plantations, went to a tour of St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 and took a VooDoo tour to meet VooDoo Priestess Miriam.  I have great photos, but have had no time for cropping and uploading anywhere.  if you'd like to see them, come for Easter dinner.  and bring dessert, I haven't planned that yet.  Seriously, I'll post some here.  :)  Watch for the ones near the end where the ghosts started jumping in to mess up the photos.  trippy and only in one spot.

4.  Did I mention I'm busy?  This is a good thing.  This is life rushing in to fill the empty spaces left behind in my schedule by Facebook and the other distractions that used to occupy my hours.   I want this kind of busy.  I want to feel this kind of alive.  I also want a good massage and someone to tuck me into bed and make me sleep.  And I really want you to come for Easter dinner.  Or at least for the play next month.  May 2 - 27th, I'll even let you have the guest room.



  1. Sweetener... I don't believe you've mentioned WHAT play, WHERE, or exactly WHEN. Please do. // My mother lived in New Orleans. Loved it. Loved the coffee. Never stopped talking about it when we moved to Toledo, Ohio. Of course, that's another trip. xxoo, Lysa

    1. Send me an email to and I'll give you details.