Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 37: Eggcellent Glitter

The most ordinary aspects of life can be extraordinary if you take the time to coax the shine out of them.  Something simple turns into something fantastic.  

I want a life of glittered eggs.

I am tired of the fragility of eggs becoming a reason to refuse to risk breaking a few along the way.  When they break, I want the pieces left behind to be sparkling bits of art trampled into the soil of my houseplants.

I want a life of extraordinary moments, laid out like stepping stones.  Some may require me to stretch farther than I think I can, some may require me to leap and others to levitate but I know the next step is there.

In the chaos that is life tonight was sweet and simple and glittered in my mind.


  1. Sometimes an egg is not as hard boiled as I think!

  2. That is the fun part. My Baba used to color all of the eggs red, every last one of them. She would put them in a bowl and when we all arrived for Easter dinner of Lamb and Ham and a table of freshly baked breads and feta cheese and olives and fresh vegetables from her garden she would have us each take an egg from the bowl. Once everyone had their egg the game would begin. We would bonk the end of our egg on another person's egg and see whose egg cracked. The person who survived the round of egg on egg violence was "the winner" somehow. The part that matters though, is that there was always ONE egg in the bowl that was colored red like the rest of the eggs but was completely raw. So, like you, someone ended up with an egg that was not as hard boiled as they thought. However, that was always the fun.