Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 51: Keep Working On It!

Not every day is roses. (Today was/is!) But the thing we all seem to forget in the inbetween times while waiting for the bloom is the process. All living thing have a process. There are things that need to happen in a certain order for the fragrant aroma to fill your yard. You have to tend the soil, plant the seeds, grow the bushes to maturity with adequate water and sunshine and nutrients before the buds appear. The painful process of pruning requires lopping off the weak arms of the bush so the nutrients can go directly to the branches with the most potential to bloom. Then, one day as if by some miracle those tight buds unravel smiling and seeking sky. Of course we immediately murder them and throw them in a vase...but that's not the point right now. The point is, all living things require the process of growth. In our instant gratification grasp for more, now, the most we forget to take the time to nurture the most important aspects of the things that matter. To me, this is the biggest detrimental side effect of the availability of technology in our society. People who don't balance well and have issues with moderation may rely solely on the convenience of technology to communicate and may not take the time to nurture their relationships with appropriate process in place. This Facebook hiatus has given me the chance to unplug so I can better plug in to the right components in my life. Imagine you're using an appliance that requires plugging in to the wall socket but you plug it into a socket that only supplies half the power that it needs to run. Let's say it's a throw in the ice, the fruit, the protein powder for your life smoothy and you hit the button hoping that in 30 seconds you'll have a refreshing mouthful of breakfast but instead it sputters and never even makes a full rotation. A bit frustrating yes? A similar kind of half-powered unworkability can happen when we are plugged in to the wrong kind of power sources in our own lives. So I guess that's been a good lesson for me during this hiatus from social media. Life is a tight wire juggling loved ones over a pool of piranha. If you don't pay attention you might drop something precious. Life is a process and it's worth paying attention!

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  1. I'd like to own a VITAMIX whose model name was PIRANHA.